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My First Blog Post

Jana MyersComment

I wish I would have been able to come up with a more clever and witty title for my first blog post besides “My First Blog Post.”

However, you have to start somewhere.  In fact, this is precisely what my blog is about…new beginnings, fresh starts, feeling lost at times and, most importantly, how to get back to where you want to be.

In my future posts you will most likely find motivational quotes, graphic design inspiration, and music from my Spotify playlists.  The purpose of this blog is to not just crowd it with pictures but to make somebody crack a wider smile and laugh a little harder. Life is always going to throw something your way but I truly believe words are extremely powerful and can make all the difference.

But first, I’m sure you are want to know a bit about me…

I am a graphic designer currently living in Scottsdale, Arizona and have many passions.  I am passionate about my family, friends, people, animals, coffee, art, museums, traveling, writing, beauty…the list could continue for eternity.

My first post is simple: it is the beginning. And it starts with an image of clouds and the start of something I hope will inspire people.