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Happy Monday

Jana MyersComment

Happy Monday!

Hope everybody had a great weekend.

Here is some music to listen to while you read <3

Embrace the Weirdness

At a very young age, I was taught that beauty comes from the inside. I feel this is a pretty rare gift to have been given since I think there is an abundance of young women who are taught confidence only stems from outer beauty.  

Growing up, I struggled a lot with confidence; which I'm sure almost everybody does at some point in their lives.  I'm not saying I still don't - I'm not perfect and nobody is - but I am learning how to become more comfortable in my own skin and embrace my qualities. I was very shy during my adolescent years and felt incredibly awkward. On top of that, I have always considered myself quite the nerd.  Even to this day, as a graphic designer (not to say we are all nerds ;)) I still think of myself as one.  As I have gotten older, I have learned to love these parts of myself. 

I think a lot of people are very afraid of individuality. They want to be referred to as "cool" (whatever that means) or "popular." They try their hardest to fit in but wake up one day only to realize they are exactly like everybody else who is trying to be "cool".  It is so important to embrace your quirks, learn what makes you happiest, and in the end, own what makes you YOU

Take a second to think about when you have witnessed a moment of pure confidence - whether in yourself or in somebody else. For me, when somebody dances - I mean really dances - alone in a crowed room - it's a beautiful thing. (As the quote goes... "dance as if nobody is watching").  I think these types of situations can bring about uncomfortable feelings for some but generally these are the people that are most uncomfortable with themselves. Once you are able to free yourself of the pressure of fitting in, you will begin to appreciate the beauty within yourself. 

So, in my 27 years, here is my perspective on confidence. I believe it is all about positive energytruly believing in yourself, and at the end of the day, owning your weirdness. <3

On that note, here is a video from Man Repeller about the concept of perfection. Thanks Leandra Medine for being so beautifully unique!

Also, some beats for your week...Enjoy!

  • Flowers Bloom - High Highs 
  • Gone - MKG + Leroy Sanchez
  • Open - Rhye (one of my favorite songs - which for me is saying a lot!)
  • Creep - I'm Not a Pilot
  • Weak - Wet
  • When I Was a Boy - Electric Light Orchestra
  • Hands in the Garden - Half Moon Run
  • Sad Brad Smith - Help Yourself (fave)
  • Highway Patrol Stun Gun - Youth Lagoon
  • Forget Not Yet - American Gospel
  • Crave You (Adventurous Club Remix) - Flight Facilities 
  • Basic Instinct - The Acid