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Link Love | Holiday Edition

Jana MyersComment

Happy Wednesday! Here are some fun holiday links for your Wednesday. Can't WAIT for the upcoming holidays...Enjoy!

  1. I want to try this delicious Chai Tea cocktail for the holidays. 
  2. Need to be on a budget this holiday season? Check out these 30 Amazing Gifts under $30.
  3. I'm a big fan of gift baskets. Here is a quick guide to building the perfect one.
  4. 4 Thanksgiving dishes to try. 
  5. 10 top sleeveless turtlenecks. Love them all!
  6. 22 reasons it's awesome to be single during the holidays. Yes.
  7. I love making my own cards .. here are 17 of the best holiday cards.  
  8. Love this twist look for the holiday season.