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Did you set New Years resolutions for this year?  I don't exactly believe in "resolutions" since usually they are targeted for a year.  I like to think of them as long term goals to improve my life.  Here are some of my personal goals:

Read more books

I think it is so important to book I love is The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  Also, I found this 2015 Ultimate Reading Guide on Pinterest that I am going to try.

Start a blog

Obviously I have done this but my real goal is to keep up with it!

Develop a morning routine

I started running and blogging in the mornings and feel so much better.  If you are looking for how to develop a morning routine I suggest reading Lauren Conrad's morning routine article.  

Always be kind (to others AND myself) 

It is hard not to let stress get the best of us. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own lives and often forget the simplest kind, be kind, be kind.  I'm very hard on myself and this goal also involves being kind to myself. 

Learn something new (daily)

I recently downloaded Word of the Day on my iPhone and check it daily.  It is so important to learn something new, even if it is small. I also recommend following Frenchwords on Instagram.  It gives you a new French word every day...charmant! <3

Pick a new hobby  

Loving what you do for a living is great but it is essential to have passions outside of your job! I decided to start painting.  My mom is a wonderful artist and we end up painting together which makes it that much more enjoyable.

Be healthy 

I'm fairly confident this goal is generally on everybody's list.  But probably the most crucial one!  If you don't stay healthy you most likely won't be able to successfully stay on track with your other goals.  My plan is to jump start my healthy eating habits with a juice cleanse. I have done the Kaleidoscope Juice Cleanse before and am going to try the Nektar cleanse starting Monday! I will let you know how it goes. Here are some of my personal (not professional ;-)) tips on your first juice cleanse.

  • Be prepared! A juice cleanse can affect your body in many ways the first time you try one so make sure to do your research and prepare for it the best you can.
  • Eat those veggies! Before the cleanse, I suggest eating healthy leading up to it in order to get your body ready.
  • Buddy up. The first cleanse I did was with some girls at makes it much easier when you have a support system!
  • Stay away from temptation. When you feel hungry, go for a run or get a massage. I tried this on my cleanse and it worked wonders.  Also, I wasn't as hungry as I thought I would be...the juices were surprisingly filling. 

Laugh more often

Enough said.

Save money