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Find Your Happy

Jana Myers1 Comment

What does being happy mean?  This question has been debated in documentaries and books for ages.  Do you really know what makes you happy? 

In my life, a lot of things make me happy but I often forget to do them! It's important to remember to always find ways to brighten your own days.  

On the other hand, part of being happy means eliminating what makes you sad. It sounds obvious but as humans we get caught up in life and forget to think about this simple truth.  Whether it's toxic people, a bad relationship, or a job, take the time to write a list of what makes you unhappy.  It may sound silly but lists work wonders! (at least for me).  When you actually write a list, you can visualize what it is and why.  The important part here is why.  It will help you to discover what will make you happy. For instance, if it is a job, think about what you don't like about that job. Maybe it's the hours, your boss, or even the work itself.  Once you realize this, do something about it!  Life is too short to remain unhappy.  Take the steps necessary to eradicate those aspects of your life.  You don't always have to completely get rid of something that makes you unhappy....for example, if your relationship is making you unhappy and you realize it's because of constant fighting, talk to that person.  Maybe they do make you happy but the fighting makes you unhappy.  It is not always as simple as it sounds but at the end I promise it is worth it and you will be that much closer to being happy.  

So go ahead and find your happy. Once you do, do more of what makes you happy. <3