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Courage, Dear Heart

Jana Myers1 Comment

To love fully and embrace this life, we must walk through it with vulnerability.  

Nobody is perfect. As humans we come built with flaws and imperfections. I myself have always been overly sensitive...I feel everything and feel it deeply.  It's a trait rooted deep inside of me that won't disappear. 

In life we are taught to hide these parts of ourselves or change them.  Be brave enough to show the world exactly who are you are.

It takes courage to admit our flaws but even more to embrace them.  Often times people view flaws such as this as a weakness.  On the contrary, it takes true strength to admit these vulnerabilities, own them, and embrace them fully.  Once you do, you will have the ability to feel empathy, joy, and ultimately happiness.  

So, to all those delicate hearted people, know you are much stronger than you may think. You have the courage and strength many seek to find. <3

Xo, Jana