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Jana MyersComment

My father is ill. This isn't news to the people that are close to me.  But I struggle with it often and thought I would open up about it and maybe help others out there that feel lost.

My Dad has alzheimer's...or to be medically accurate, vascular dementia.  But honestly, at this point, it truly doesn't matter.  

He often forgets my name, where he is, or who he is.  I never thought this would happen to somebody as amazing as him, but life does happen and it isn't always pretty.

I often read this blog for support. I adore how honest and open it is, something I am trying to do with my own blog.

It is hard for many people to understand how truly painful it is to lose a family member who in fact is still alive.  His mind has disappeared but his body is still in motion.

I hope others that are struggling with a family members illness know that they are not alone; I still see my father at times, although faint, he is still there.  I try to cheer him up as often as I can but it is getting more difficult with time.  

He has gained joy in things his mind was always too busy to see before.  He has an appreciation for nature, tiny details in life that many people often ignore.  "Look at the blue today," he says.  He is talking about the sky...many people don't stop to see something so beautiful.  He has opened my eyes and my mother's to a gift. Something we all need to keep in mind...appreciate the beauty of life.

I hope you can find the strength if you are dealing with a similar situation. <3 

Xo, Jana