Believe in Beginnings

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Jana MyersComment

Here is a screenshot from one of my favorite shows...GIRLS. I'm always asked why I don't branch out and watch different shows. If anybody knows me (well), I tend to fixate on a particular series for a long time. For instance, I watch FRIENDS daily still...while some might not think this is necessarily a negative thing, they might not know it is mostly out of comfort. 

I'm dealing with a lot lately...surrounded by illness and a great deal of stress. We all find comfort in different ways and I have realized as I have grown up I find a lot of mine in a movie, a show, a series...they have become my friends, my escape, my reason to laugh. It may sound absurd but I am sure somebody else out there feels the same. I hope you may find comfort in whatever you may be dealing with in your life right now and can cope with it in a healthy way...mine right now is a TV series.

Try to be positive no matter how many challenges come your way...laugh, be in the moment, and realize you are still alive, no matter how hard life may be. <3