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Jana MyersComment

Happy Sunday!

If you follow my blog, you might notice I am constantly setting new goals for myself. I haven't given an update in awhile on how I am doing with them so thought I would share. It always has helped me to read about others positive changes and also allows me to see if I AM making progress....So, a quick update...

Learn a new language: I still use the Duolingo app but haven't been doing it as often lately so need to get back on track.  
Save money: I started my travel jar (literally coins in a mason jar but hey, you have to start somewhere!)
 • Travel  Since I am starting to save money, I have been spending time to plan out details of my trip
• Be positive: I push myself to be positive every day & practice gratitude more often.
Simplify - I spent last weekend cleaning out my condo and it felt great! Although I still have to tackle my bathroom, I have already noticed a difference. Also, I realized I have too many apps on my iPhone I don't use. Therefore, I went through and deleted all apps I hadn't used in awhile and have only downloaded ones that I use on a daily basis now. It's funny how these two simple actions make me feel I am already leading a much simpler life. I plan to continue decluttering my condo and know it will just take time.

There you have it! I think I am doing pretty well and am going to stay positive about my progress and just keep going...

On that note, I think it's crucial to set routines for yourself. As you can see, I have gotten off track on a few of my goals. Therefore, I am going to determine "to do's" for myself that I need to complete on certain days of the week. I found a great app called Streaks which will help to stay me on track! Everybody operates differently - some are great at getting into a routine naturally - but I think this will be a good way for me to start back into one. I hope you will find motivation to set goals and routines for yourself to get on track to becoming a healthier you!

Xo, Jana