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Sorry, Not Sorry

Jana MyersComment

Before reading this post, take a look at this video.

How many of you women out there can relate?  I ask because I am guilty myself....always apologizing. Oh, and for nothing by the way. (sigh)

Specifically, in the workplace, I have noticed girls constantly apologizing. Unfortunately, we have either picked up this awful habit from other women or feel an obligation to society to feel sorry for nothing.  

It's time to reconsider the meaning of "I'm sorry." To help, let's begin by checking out the definition...

1. feeling distress, especially through sympathy with someone else's misfortune.
"I was sorry to hear about what happened to your family"
synonyms: sad, unhappy, sorrowful, distressed, upset, downcast, downhearted, disheartened, despondent; More
2. in a poor or pitiful state or condition.
"he looks a sorry sight with his broken jaw"
synonyms: pitiful, pitiable, heart-rending, distressing; More

So, now that we have discovered the real meaning behind the word, really think before you speak next time. If you have absolutely nothing to be sorry about, don't say it! Here is a check list to help you out...

  • Did you offend somebody? If no, then don't say it.
  • Did you kill somebody? If no, then don't say it.
  • Did you purposely trip somebody? If no, then don't say it.

You probably get it by now...if you didn't really do something to be sorry for, then don't say it ladies! 

Xo, Jana