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Happy Place

Jana MyersComment

What is a happy place? To me, it isn't defined as a place but rather a moment. Therefore, I call it my happy moments

Happy Moments: When I feel calm + free of anxiety, happy, and in the moment // present.

It's a great feeling once you define what these moments look like. Below are some of my happy moments.

  • Being with loved ones + doing nothing.
  • Curling up in bed with a good book + cup of tea.
  • Breakfast in bed. Specifically pancakes in bed. (+ to be more specific, chocolate chip pancakes in bed)
  • My morning coffee. It's strange how much I look forward to this moment. Sometimes, it is what gets me out of bed!
  • When I'm productive at work and come up with something new + creative. 
  • When I see my parents smile.
  • Making somebody smile.
  • Saying hello to a stranger.
  • Listening to music. 
  • Taking photos.
  • The sound of ocean waves. I even downloaded a sound machine on my iPhone at one point just so I could fall asleep to them. 
  • Right after I get my nails + toes done. Yes, this is a great moment.
  • The crisp air in Flagstaff. There is nothing like it.
  • After a workout. 
  • Drinking a morning cup of coffee in Flagstaff. Yes, double amazing.
  • Butterflies in your stomach when you first meet somebody you are crazy about.
  • Blogging. I love sharing my thoughts with the world.
  • A good movie. A really really good movie - the kind where you can't take your eyes off of the screen. I just watched Little Boy last night and, wow, happy moment.
  • Traveling to a new destination. Discovering new people.
  • Reconnecting with old friends. 
  • Christmas time. The lights. The music. Shopping for loved ones. Giving back.
  • Getting a massage. 

These are just some of mine, what are some of yours? I think it is a beautiful thing to realize how many happy moments I really have in my life. This is what I live for - these small, fleeting moments are what makes life so wonderful. <3

Also...I now have an Instagram account dedicated to this blog!  It is going to be a mix of personal + blog content. You can follow me now here