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Tuesday Beats

Jana Myers2 Comments

Happy Tuesday!

I'm glad it's a short week....they always fly by so quickly. :)

I have been undergoing a bit of a life transformation recently...For the first time in my life I'm building a life I am proud of and enjoy.  I am only focusing on what and who is important. Honestly it's one of the greatest feelings! It isn't always easy - it takes quite a bit of patience - but I know it will be worth every second.  

Here is some of my recent music...enjoy! <3

  • All the Pretty Girls - Kaleo
  • Build it Better - Aron Wright
  • 10,000 Emerald Pools - BORNS
  • The Colder Months - Liza Anne
  • Show Me Love - Hundred Waters
  • Taking You There - Broods (fave)
  • 1999 - Active Child