Believe in Beginnings

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Jana MyersComment

It's been quite awhile since I have written and felt it was the right time.

To me, writing is mostly inspired by a drastic life event or an urge in inspiration. Nevertheless, here I am, writing.

Somebody close to you getting sick can cause so many feelings. It's an immediate rush of emotions fleeing out of your body. Despite that persons age, health, appearance, it causes you to look within and question your own life. How you would feel in their position. If you would feel fulfilled, if you would be scared to pass, if you would potentially even care. You wonder.

Living through the death of my Dad has put this undeniable pressure on me already; however, now another one I love is sick. We all are sick - we all have a death sentence. When we are infants, teenagers, adolescents, young adults, even elderly - we are born to die. This isn't in a negative sense in the slightest - rather, an idea to make us really look at our lives and where we are at in our lives. 

I always grew up thinking to myself about my wedding, my perfect dream house, my spouse, my picture perfect family; my life. When you grow up, and I mean, really grow don't necessarily see those milestones in the same light anymore. You don't give them as much importance. Not to say these are not important to a lot people. However, to me, I have changed so much and can see - really see - what matters to me. What a beautiful feeling. No longer do I have the same desires. What I want in my life is to maintain the relationships I have and develop new ones. To feel alive. To love the ones closest to me.

I hope everybody out there finds their purpose. Even if it is just to love. To be.