Believe in Beginnings

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Jana Myers1 Comment

What a simple title for such a complex post. I just want to share a bit about how I am feeling towards life lately.

Life is interesting. We wake up and, for the majority of the population, we drive to work - 8 to 5 of sitting. Sitting at a desk, staring at a computer, and whilst doing so, dreaming. Dreaming of a bigger and much more vast life. Only so much can be lived through the screen. We can read articles, dream up wild adventures, but at the end of the day, it's a job. Simply put - a job. 

I want to explore. I want to adventure out into the unknown. I want to be in it

It - the feeling of stepping outside of yourself and being here, in the now.

Never have I felt such an urge to see the world, different places...something out of my realm of sight and knowledge. Perhaps you have also felt this push, maybe due to age or time passing. Whatever it may be, I crave the feeling. For those reading this that do know me, I have never been one much into camping or the outdoors. With that being said, I still desire the ultimate feeling of freedom; of feeling at pure peace. Perhaps it's the death of my Dad that has pushed me to this overwhelming sense of being one with the world, with nature, with myself. 

Whatever this feeling may be, I plan to follow it and share my adventures with you. To inspire you. For once, I plan to follow my own path. Never stop listening to your inner voice. It is talking for a reason!

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I truly hope you all keep your sense of wonder.