Believe in Beginnings

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Jana MyersComment

Life changes are usually intimidating to most. Even the souls that crave the most change will feel anxiety when the word “change” is spoken. Why is this? Why do we as humans fear the one thing that we need for growth, for our own sanity? In reality, a lack of change can truly become a negative part of our lives if we let it be.

Feeling lost in life can be an overwhelming yet exhilarating feeling. The awareness of having both the opportunity to create a new chapter in your life and being conscious that your life is about to alter in a way we do not know yet is incredibly scary. However, we are in complete control of this change. We can choose our day to day happenings, our new chapter...our story. What do you want your life to look like? What do you want to contribute to this one precious life? Where do you see yourself day to day? I think most people fear change when they do not know the answer to these questions. Or, they fear answering these because they prefer to stay in the comfort of their current situation. Always remember to take time to answer these in an honest light so you don’t end up writing the wrong story. Nobody has the pen in their hands except yourself. Put in the work, mentally and physically, to create these changes - whatever they may look like. Perhaps it’s a career change, relationship, a new house...whatever it may be, look deep within yourself and answer the difficult questions before you start your new journey.

Another thing to remember: mistakes shape who we are, they help us to figure out what we want, and sometimes, unexpected and amazing things come our way if we just take that leap of faith. Do not fear failure. Do fear not growing, not taking chances, and above all, not living your life exactly how YOU want to live it. Learn to quiet the voices inside your head that tell you “it will be too hard” or “quit before you even start.” You are only hurting yourself...CREATE your life.