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What If?

Jana MyersComment

When I was little, I constantly asked my parents "What if?"

Mom, what if the tree outside my bedroom falls?

Dad, what if I don't get the job?

I think as human beings it is very easy for us to fear the unknown.

However, I have learned time and time again that without this fear we would never grow. Struggling is an essential part of human life...without it, we would never know what if feels like to truly succeed.

I have challenged myself to turn the question around and ask myself, What if I do get my dream job? What If I do succeed?  We are afraid of the future because we often feel we will fail or, in some ways, feel like we already have. On the contrary, we all have it in ourselves to overcome anything we set our minds to.

So today, push your fears aside and apply to that dream job, travel to a far off destination, and take a risk!  If you don't, you simply are not living. <3